Roman Catholics believe that our spiritual journey begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We are never alone on this journey - we find others who will walk with us, pray with us, and challenge us. 
This site offers spiritual pilgrims a place to explore the way Catholics find Jesus in the Gospels, in the Community and in the Teachings & Traditions of the Catholic church.  Interested pilgrims can also connect with local representatives who will support them on their continuing journey of faith.

The video will be changed weekly, so come back often - previous videos will be in the Archives, and in the "Commonly Asked Questions" section. 

Enjoy your visit to the Spiritual Pilgrim!

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Personal Witness:

It was an ordinary week, yet each day I met Jesus. 

On Monday Jesus was in the strength of the oncology patients receiving their treatments and placing their hopes on life. 

On Tuesday Jesus was in the faith sharing of the RCIA candidates. 

The next day, Jesus was in the slow start to my day and in the quiet reflection of where and how my life was going.

As I set out on a trip on Thursday, I found Jesus in the beauty and power of the Allegheny mountains, the wonder of the blue skies above and of the lovely valleys below. 

On Friday Jesus was in my grandson's zest for life as he too was growing in "wisdom and grace".

On Saturday, I found Jesus in the serenity of the day, in the quiet moments when gardening, and in the smiles of neighbors and friends who happened by. 

Then, on Sunday, the seventh day, I saw Jesus in the face of each communicant as they came forward to receive, and to be, the Body of Christ.

Yet I'm sure that Jesus is in so many other places.  Where do you see Him?